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Estate Management Solutions (EMS) & EMS Domestics serves as trusted advisors and carefully creates customized solutions that ensure your household’s continuity, comfort, and convenience whether in Texas or nationwide.  We operate with complete transparency; placing honesty, integrity, discretion, and respect at the core of everything we do.

Placement Services &
Household Staffing

Peter uses his years of Private Service experience to find the best match for you and your home’s needs.  The right staff in the right home gives you the ability to take your life back and enjoy the free-time that you have earn. 

We specialize in the below-listed staff members, and have resources and connections throughout the world that allow us to find you any level of staff, regardless of your home’s location.


House Managers

Estate Managers



Executive Housekeepers




Domestic Couples

Family Assistants

Property Managers




In addition to our considerate daily management of all aspects of your home’s care and operations, Estate Management Solutions prides ourselves on our expert ability to provide an unplanned response and moving logistics.

Estate Management Solutions is available around the clock. You can rest assured that your security is our top priority. We don’t rest until you do.

Whether planned or unplanned, we can coordinate your move starting with careful packing of your valuable items to precise cleaning and placement in your new environment that will make your house a home including the operational setup.

Private Service Training

We have a variety of training options to offer. Offering classes on the administrative aspects of running a large home, as well as housekeeping, etiquette and helping private service professionals understand the non-tangibles and mindset it takes to be happy taking care of all your needs.

Training can take place in your home or in one of our scheduled classes with other industry professionals.


We provide a wide range of custom household documentation and manuals that guide the day to day operation for your home and provide a resource during emergency situations.

We break down your home and/or estate into manageable, bite-size pieces that will allow you and your staff to efficiently access information. A step-by-step guide for everything from how to shut the main water supply off to how you prefer your morning coffee.

We envision service as being the act of giving, in which one’s own preconceptions are set aside for the preferences of the Principal

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