~Titles Served~

Chief of Staff
Director of Residence
Director of Properties
Estate Manager
Household Manager
Property Manager
Domestic Couple
Family Assistant
Personal Assistant
Personal Executive Assistant
Executive Housekeeper
Nanny Manager
Private Chauffeur/Drivers
Personal Chef
Private Chef
Enlisted Aide








5-Star Service Club


Leadership Name:

Latricia Friend

Mission Statement

This space is created for Enlisted Aides, private service, and hospitality professionals to network, learn, share, and advance in their industry. We aim to produce high-quality conversations focused on establishing and supporting high standards across residences, offices, venues, and in one’s home, work, and relationships.

Membership Cost:

Free.  We only hope that you join in the conversation and provide your insights and solutions.

Registration Path

Simply download the ClubHouse app from your app store, and create an account.  Once logged in, find the 5-Star Service Club and follow.  The app will notify you when a room is launched.


Weekly on Thursdays at 6:30 PM CT.

Current Active Chapters:

With this being a virtual weekly event, there are no active chapters.

Non-Member Following Information:

Clubhouse App

Some discussions are for members only for more sensitive conversations. Some conversations are recorded for replay for those who can’t attend live.


Non-Members can continue the conversation with Members in our private LinkedIn group. Connect with Latricia Friend on LinkedIn and ask to be added.

This group is for professionals only – no recruiters or agencies.

Open to Hearing from PSPs that Want to Help Launch a Chapter in their City:

NO. Moderators and guest speakers are welcome. Contact Latricia on LinkedIn for more information.

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