Cost: $899

Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm CST

Plus a 3.5-hour Self-Driven Online Course

4-sessions of one-on-one time with Peter
to help cultivate your system and build your household manual


2020 brought with it many challenges – we were locked down, couldn’t travel, and couldn’t meet in person. Estate Management Solutions found a way and adapted and launched the Essentials Class on Zoom in 2020.  Remote work became more commonplace in 2021 and 2022, and we are now discovering systems that integrate beautifully and allow us to take the household manual from the old multiple binder format to secure digital platforms that allow for easy sharing of information and limit access to those that don’t need it.  We have spent the last two years evaluating different systems and discovering how our material can be improved and adapted to align with the current market.  The result is something that we are very excited to share.

The core of our material hasn’t changed other than expanding.  There are a couple of great options for household-specific software out there, but not every Principal wants to learn a new system.  There are also a ton of different project and task management software, but not every Principal trusts SaaS (Software as a Service) systems.  Between personal preferences and data security concerns, we Private Service Professionals need to be ready to adapt how we implement policies and procedures and disseminate information with every home and Principal we engage with.  THIS is what we teach you.  The skillset and resources to organize your service environment, write a household manual, and implement protocols in a HNW home that protect the Residence, the Principals, and the Employees.

Upon completion of this course, you will have all the tools you need to develop procedures to protect your Principal’s lifestyle and privacy and a complete guide for collecting the information you will need to set up an operational system for any size home, estate, or service environment.  You will also have one of the most valuable assets in our industry: a network of fellow Private Service Professionals that will serve you well in your future endeavors.

The Essentials of Household & Estate Management is still completely online, it still includes our two-day intensive Zoom Video workshop and has evolved to include an additional half-day of training on the Keys To Success When Working In A Private Home – the non-tangibles that are rarely taught in our industry.  Saturday will include a detailed walkthrough of the contents of an operational household manual.  Sunday, we will review the various commonly used software and walk through setting up a Google Workspace and connecting it to a Trello system to help drive the collection of information and begin the implementation of systems to improve efficiency and communication among the staff and your Principals.

Current Schedule

~ January 28th & 29th ~ FULL

~ March 25th & 26th ~

~ May 27th & 28th ~

~ July 22nd & 23rd ~

~ September 23rd & 24th ~

Classes are scheduled for
10 AM – 6 PM Central Time Saturday & Sunday

Online Prerequisite

Keys to Success when working in a private home.

KEYS TO SUCCESS WHEN WORKING IN AND MANAGING A PRIVATE HOME is a 1-hour self-driven online course that covers the fundamentals of navigating a successful relationship while working in someone’s Home.

We will cover a variety of topics born of conversations with fellow recruiters and hiring managers.  We include the most common topics we have observed and collected, giving you the best opportunity to lay the most solid foundation possible for a successful professional relationship in an industry that is as dynamic as the personalities we support.

Topics Covered

  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries
  • Understanding the Deeper Meaning of “Your Office is Their Home”
  • The Myth of the Job Description
  • The Importance of Positive Relationships
  • Problems vs. Solutions
  • The Creep Factor
  • The Chaos Factor
  • Making Mistakes
  • The Myth of Common Sense
  • Service without being Servile
  • Exhaustion & Burnout
  • Defining Success
  • Accepting Criticism & Negativity
  • Communication Basic
  • Tone and content
  • Defining your Principals’ Triggers and spotting their critical preferences.
  • Navigating the Home
  • The impact of having a backup plan
  • Ego vs. Confidence
  • The Importance of Personal Appearance

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    We also strongly recommend that professionals attending this course have a better-than-basic understanding of Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and Trello.  These links will take you to the YouTube channels for those systems.

    Topics Covered

      • The Reasons for an LLC
      • HR Basics
      • Employee Leadership (no not management)
      • Accounting Fundamentals
      • Setting up a chart of accounts
      • Vendor Management
      • Household Profiles
      • Task Sheet Development
      • Incident Reports
      • How To Documents
      • Site Plans

      Live Day 1 – Saturday

      Our day begins at 10 am Central time.  We spend the day discussing the components of a Household Manual and methodologies for establishing protocols in the home.  We start by defining how to break the home up into bite-size pieces that allow you to tackle the daunting task of developing a household manual.  We then dive right into how to lay a solid foundation to protect your Principals from malicious vendors and employees.

      Live Day 2 – Sunday

      We pick up where we left off and start the day by discussing how all of the topics covered in Day 1 come together and how to implement what you’ve learned into an operational system using Google Workspace & Trello.

      Not a fan of Trello or prefer a different SaaS?  The good news is that our system is designed to facilitate the collection of information that can be implemented into any SaaS on the market!

      Need a paid Google account (also known as Google Workspace) for class?  Use the below button to sign up.  You can also use the promo code “6T6UUTQFUNV4LN” for 10% off your first year.

      Topics Covered

      Manual & System Creation Process
      SaaS software options


      Google Workspace Overview & Utilization

        • Drive set up & Desktop Syncing
        • Gmail, Chat & Groups
        • Calendar
        • Integrations
        • Chrome Plug-Ins

      Trello Setup

        • Workspace Setup
        • Template transfer
        • Creation of Critical Boards
        • Creating Lists and Template Cards.
        • Recommended Power-Ups to improve efficiency and communication
        • Integration of the Google Workspace with Trello.

      Open Session for Q&A

      What’s Included

      Over 120 resource documents and templates to help cultivate a household manual.

      Trello Manual Index Template to guide the collection of information for your household manual, with additional templates shared during the follow-up one-on-one appointments.

      Estate Manual Templates in Word & Excel Format

      Information Gathering Templates

      Task Sheet Templates

      Inspection Templates

      Profile Templates

      Emergency Preparedness Documents

      Non-Disclosure Agreement

      Employment Agreement Template

      Separation Agreement Template

      I-9 & W-4

      IRS Publication 926 – Household Employer Tax Guide

      Job Description Template

      Plus So Much More!

      What Students Are Saying

      Taking a couple of other estate management courses, this is hands down the best. I wish I would have taken it years ago.
      Sarah A.

      Estate Manager

      Peter has taken his years of private service expertise and made it available to others to learn and excel in this industry. He brings real solutions to everyday issues for today’s professional private service staff. Attending his session will not only enhance your career but help take it to the next level. Honest, concise, entertaining and educational! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an industry leader.


      Household Manager/Nanny

      I can highly recommend the course “The Essentials of Household and Estate Management” that I completed via Zoom in April, 2021. Peter Van Ryder was an outstanding instructor. His commitment to excellence from the content, presentation, and material shared in the course was the best. Peter wasted no time, and provided valuable insight. I noticed that Peter wants everyone to have the “tools” to thrive and be successful in their private service career. The money I spent for the course was worth it. Thank you Peter!
      Ellen Y.

      New to Industry

      I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to speak with Peter prior to registering for the Essentials Course. We had a wonderful conversation about the Private Service Industry and he was more than happy to answer any of my questions. Peter is genuine, kind, and distinguished. I completed the Essentials Course last weekend. Peter was extremely thorough with his material. Before moving on to the next topic, he would stop and ask if any of the class attendees had questions. Peter did not rush through the course. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend The Essentials Course. It was beyond my expectations!


      If you are in the field or considering a career change take Peter Van Ryder’s course. It is fantastic!

      Nanny/Transitioning to HM

      Anyone looking to make the transition from Nanny or Housekeeper to a more executive role within the home, this is the course you should take. Peter outlines how to deal with staff to create valuable manuals for each property you oversee. In addition, you get the impression that Peter truly cares about the industry and you by having an open-door policy to reach him with any questions or issues you may have while on the job.


      Believe me, the title of Peter’s course “Essentials of Household and Estate Management” is simply spot on!
      Ernest K.

      House Manager

      I highly recommend anyone in this Service Industry to take any course that Peter Van Ryder offers. I received a wealth of knowledge from an outstanding professional and the information Peter shared is priceless!


      Estate Manager

      This course is “Essential.” Priceless. I want to recommend straight up, that every Private Service Professional, as well as those who employ a professional service heart take this course at your earliest convenience. I am a Private Service Professional with multiple roles in a few homes.” I felt that everything I learned was applicable to my many roles and will serve as lasting information, guidance, and assistance in my long-term career goals. So descriptive, detail-oriented, and professionally empowering; coupled with “Peter’s Pearls of Wisdom” to lead by example. The collateral material (templates, forms, documents, contracts, task sheets, etc.) alone is priceless and would take years to create. This course makes for building your Greatest Success, and Harmony in the home and staff. I am proud to be an EMS Essentials Course Alumni and Carry my badge of honor to Peter and The Private Service Industry. This continued education will serve the higher good of my principals, other estate staff, and vendors. Lift me up and carry me and my professional goals for a long time.

      Joanie V.

      Chef/Household Manager

      Peter is a fantastic educator with real and vast experience in the field. I came looking for more education, that is what I got….plus so much more. I am coming away with skills I can directly use at work. I look forward to taking part in more of Peter’s courses!!! Fantastic value for all that you get. I was also able to connect with a group of fantastic fellow professionals. Thank you so much, Peter!!


      Estate Manager

      Your course was the best!  High quality.  University level presentation, consise , substantial information, and interesting.  The best part was your true generosity in sharing all of your expertise, and knowledge.  I can honestly say there are no areas that need improvement.


      New To The Industry

      If you want to be ahead of the game of estate management, take Peter’s course. It’s a must-have!
      Crystal B.

      HM/Sports PA

      Not only did I learn new skills and how to improve the level of service showing value to the Principals, I was given a different, fresh and new perspective on the business as a whole. Thank you Peter!


      New To The Industry

      The Essentials of Household & Estate Management course was truly an awakening, I did take other courses but nothing like this one. It was very informative! I learned a lot and I feel confident about working in private service. It was a wonderful experience-I will share this course with my nanny friends. Thank you Peter!


      Nanny/Author/Transitioning into HM

      Truly enjoyed the class via Zoom – nice class size and very informative. excellent follow-up as well.  Peter is a great resource for any in the industry.



      ~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

      Is this course designed for the beginner or the seasoned professional?

      While the original idea behind the course was to help those coming into the industry to find their way and guide them through the gauntlet that is our industry, it has developed over time to include material that is applicable to any position, in any home or estate, at any level of your career.  We have had many seasoned professionals that have walked away from class very happy with the content.

      If you are not sure if the content is for you, we encourage you to call and discuss it.  If we do not feel like you will find any value in the course, we will point you in the direction of education better suited to your current career needs.  We promise there is no hard-sale, we want you to be happy and comfortable with your decision.


      Are There Any Additional Class Cost?

      There are no additional costs associated with Estate Management Solutions.  However, we do strongly recommend a paid Trello account to be able to enjoy and follow along with all the functions and features we will be discussing in class.  Yes, you can absolutely follow along with a free account.  But we have a feeling that you will be inputting your CC by the end of class.

      All Costs Associate With Setting Up The Manual System

      • Trello – $120/year
      • Tello “Cronofy” Power-up – $23.99/year 
      • Trello “Gmail by Carbox” Power-up – $48.00/year/email address
      • Trello “Amazing Fields” Power-up – $50/year
      • Google Workspace – $144/year/email address (free account will have 100% functionality)
      • Additional Power-ups will be used but they are free.

      Total Annual Cost:

      • $385.99/year for 1 person
      • $312/year for each full-access account
      • $144/year for each limited access employee


      Is there a Certificate included?

      Yes, we offer a certificate of completion that will be emailed to you after completing the course.  Most US agencies are aware of our course and we welcome a call from any agency or principal to verify attendance and content.

      What times are the class?

      Class times are from 10 am to 6 pm, Central Standard Time.

      What is the Cost of the Course

      The Essentials of Household & Estate Management is $899 and includes the online self-paced Keys to Success class, the two-day live Essentials course on Zoom, and over 100 templates and resource documents that aid and guide in the collection of information that will be the household manual.

      Do You Offer A Refund?

      Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.  Upon confirmation of your registration and payment, we email you a confirmation that includes a link to download the documents and templates included with the course.

      We will however gladly reschedule you for a future class.

      What if I have more questions?

      We encourage you to call to discuss our course. We want to make sure you are making the right decision for YOU.  If we don’t believe you will get anything from the course, we will point you in the direction to find the resources you need or are looking for.  While we are passionate and confident in our material, we pledge that:

      • We do not believe in pressure sales.  The decision will be yours alone.
      • We will not make false promises. 
      • We will not be upset if you choose not to attend.
      • We will not lure students in with fake job postings.
      • We do not guarantee placement.
      We DO promise you an enjoyable weekend filled with more information than you can commit to memory and support afterwards to ensure you are cultivating your success.

      If you would like to speak to Peter to discuss any of the course contents, please Click Here to be taken to his booking calendar to schedule time to chat. 


      Do I get a Household Manual with the course?

      No.  Every household manual is different.  Every home you go into will have different needs and systems, and every manual you write will begin with a solid foundation.  We give you the foundation to build the manual.

      DFW & North Texas: (214) 605-7286 | Austin & San Antonio: (512) 969-8280 | Houston & Gulf Coast: (713) 258-9800

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