The Keys to Success when Working in a Private Home

How to avoid some of the most common mistakes made by those working in a luxury residence.

Cost: $125

This is a 1-hour Self-Driven Online Course

1 hour of one-on-one time with Peter via Zoom to discuss any obstacles you are facing.

At Estate Management Solutions we believe that the path to a better Private Service industry is through the education of the Professional.  Giving the candidates the tools to better navigate the unique difficulties that come with working in someone’s private space.  We feel so strongly that this information will professionals a better chance at success that each one of our placement candidates is required to take this course prior to starting a position they acquire through EMS.  It’s not just us, there are several prominent agencies that also require this class for their candidates!

Keys to Success when working in a private home.

KEYS TO SUCCESS WHEN WORKING IN A PRIVATE HOME is a ##-hour self-driven online course that covers the fundamentals of navigating a successful relationship while working in someone’s Home.

We will cover a variety of topics born of conversations with fellow recruiters and hiring managers.  We include the most common topics we have observed and collected, giving you the best possible opportunity to lay the most solid foundation possible for a successful professional relationship in an industry that is as dynamic as the personalities we support.

Topics Covered

  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries
  • Understanding the Deeper Meaning of “Your Office is Their Home”
  • The Myth of the Job Description
  • The Importance of Positive Relationships
  • Problems vs. Solutions
  • The Creep Factor
  • The Chaos Factor
  • Making Mistakes
  • The Myth of Common Sense
  • Service without being Servile
  • Exhaustion & Burnout
  • Defining Success
  • Accepting Criticism & Negativity
  • Communication Basic
  • Tone and content
  • Defining your Principals Triggers and spotting their critical preferences.
  • Navigating the Home
  • The impact of having a backup plan
  • Ego vs. Confidence
  • The Importance of Personal Appearance

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