The Keys to Success

When Working in

a Private Home

How to avoid some of the most common mistakes

made by those working in a luxury residence.

~ Included ~

This is a 3.5-hour Self-Driven Online Course

1 one-on-one time with Peter via Zoom to discuss any obstacles you are facing.

At Estate Management Solutions we believe that the path to a better Private Service industry is through the education of the Professional.  Giving the candidates the tools to better navigate the unique difficulties that come with working in someone’s private space.  We feel so strongly that this information will give professionals a better chance at success that each one of our placement candidates is required to take this course prior to starting a position they acquire through EMS, and it’s not just us, there are several prominent agencies that also require this class for their candidates!

Module 1: What to Expect in Your New Role

In this module, we focus on the YOU part of the job and some of the obstacles you will face should you let your Ego get in the way.

Topics include:

  • Differences in Perceptions and the importance of adaptability.
  • The Myth of the Job Description.
  • The Creep Factor.
  • The Chaos Factor.
  • Exhaustion and Burnout.
  • Recovering from Mistakes.
  • Domestic Workers, Servants & Private Service Professionals.
  • Defining Success.
  • Receiving & Responding to Criticism & Negativity.
  • The Importance of Personal Appearance.
  • The Importance of Having A Backup Plan.

Time to Complete: ~1.5 hours

Module 2: Principal Engagement & Expectations

The keys to communicating with, understanding, and accommodating your principals.

Topics Include:

  • Ego Versus Confidence.
  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries.
  • Understanding the impact of Your Office being in Their Home.
  • Identifying and incorporating your Principals idiosyncracies.
  • The importance of diligent communication.
  • The impact of Tone.
  • Problems versus Solutions.
  • 30-60-90 days plans.
  • Navigating the home.

Time to Complete: ~1.5 hours

Peter Colt Van Ryder


Peter is the Founder and CEO of Estate Management Solutions.  He has spent the last decade working to improve connectivity and awareness within the Private Service Community.

Peter is a firm believer in focusing on what you CAN change instead of forcing change on the immovable.

“We will never remove all the bad from society, but we can learn how to avoid them!” – Peter

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