Located in Dallas Texas, this formerly classroom-based course will give you the skillset and resources to organize your service environment, write a household manual & become a better private service professional.  I designed this training with an understanding of the ever-changing nature of our profession. The content was developed based on real-life Estate Management experiences and input from a variety of industry professionals.

“Essentials” will begin by covering the intangibles that are some of the cornerstones of our industry.  Topics that are rarely covered in schools that every PSP should know.  We continue on with discussing how to compartmentalize the estate, residence or service environment in which you work.  We will tackle the integration of this information, including proceedural documents, task sheets, punch lists, and emergancy plans into a Household Manual.

Upon completion of this course, you will have all the tools you need to create an operational manual for any size Home, Estate, or Service Environment.  You will also have one of the most valuable assets in our industry, a network of fellow Private Service Professionals that will serve you well in your future endeavors.

Now Redesigned for Zoom!!

What's Covered

  • Preparing for a New Position
  • Communicating with your Principals
  • Find Your Place in the Home
  • Working with Your Principal
  • Staff Management
  • Components of a Household Manual
  • HR Basics
  • Setting Up a Chart of Accounts
  • Establishing a Budget
  • Accounting & Reports
  • Principal and Household Profiles
  • Developing Task Sheets
  • “How-To” Documents
  • Vendor Management

What's Included

  • Course Book in PDF format
  • Estate Manual Index
  • Estate Manual Templates in Word & Excel Form
  • Task Sheet Templates
  • Profile Templates
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Budget Comparison Spreadsheet
  • Sample Resume For Your Reference
  • Sample Full Disclosure Document
  • Preferred Placement Agency List
  • Employment Agreement Template
  • Separation Agreement Template
  • I-9 & W-4
  • IRS Publication 926 – Household Employer Tax Guide
  • Basic Housekeeper Job Description
  • Hypoallergenic Cleaner Recipe

We have redesigned this course to be held over Zoom.
No travel, No Hotels.  Grab a comfortable chair and your laptop!

Cost: $599


Currently Scheduled Classes:


April 24th & 25th: 10 AM – 6 PM Central Time

June 12th & 13th: 10 AM – 6 PM Central Time



Peter has taken his years of private service expertise and made it available to others to learn and excel in this industry. He brings real solutions to everyday issues for today’s professional private service staff. Attending his session will not only enhance your career but help take it to the next level. Honest, concise, entertaining and educational! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an industry leader.


Household Manager/Nanny

I highly recommend anyone in this Service Industry to take any course that Peter Van Ryder offers. I received a wealth of knowledge from an outstanding professional and the information Peter shared is priceless!


Estate Manager

Not only did I learn new skills and how to improve the level of service showing value to the Principals, I was given a different, fresh and new perspective on the business as a whole. Thank you Peter!


New To The Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course designed for the beginner or the seasoned professional?

While the original idea behind the course was to help those coming into the industry find their way and guide them through the gauntlet that is our industry, it has developed over time to include material that is applicable to any position, in any home or estate, at any level of your career.  We have had many seasoned professionals that have walked away from class very happy with the content.

If you are not sure if the content is for you, we encourage you to call and discuss it.  If we do not feel like you will find any value in the course, we will point you in the direction of education better suited to your current career needs.  We promise there is no hard-sale, we want you to happy and comfortable in your decision.


Is there a Certificate included?

Yes, we offer a certificate of completion that will be mailed to you after completing the course.  Most US agencies are aware of our course and we welcome a call from any agency or principal to verify attendance and content.

What times are the class?

Class times are 10am to 6pm Central Standard Time.  

What is the Cost of the Course

THe Essentials of Household & Estate Management is $599 for the two-day course.

How do I apply my Promo Code?

On the Eventbrite page where you are selecting the number of tickets you would like, there is a small blue text link labeled “Enter promo code” directly above the text “General Admission”.  Click on the “Enter promo code” link and you will now have the option to input your promo code.


What if I have more questions?

We encourage you to call to discuss our course, we want to make sure you are making the right decision for the position you are in.  If we don’t believe you will get anything from the course, we will point you in the direction to find the resources you need.  We make no promises of success or placement and will never pressure sell you on anything, we are passionate and confident in our material and that’s all you’ll have to suffer through.  EMail us at Peter@HNWSolutions.com to schedule an appointment.


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