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Identifying Vendors

One of the fun parts of our job is that we have to "think outside the box"on a regular basis.  We often run into issues in which we are ignorant and have to source a vendor that will not try to take advantage of us or the street address. The keywords in this process...

Helping Raise the Red Flags

I was recently asked how we could publicly identify the employers in our industry to help professionals from being taken advantage of or being treated poorly.  Unfortunately, due to the dynamic nature of human diversity, there are good and bad professionals as well as...

Choosing A School

Many times have I been approached to discuss what school a Private Service Professional should attend.  This can be a difficult question to answer.  While there are only a few to select from, the cost and time commitment can make it a difficult choice.  Here are my...

How to Read Clothing Labels

Ever wonder what those symbols mean that are on the tags inside your clothes? I know they seem like random symbols, but they are crucial to the longevity of your clothing. Washing temperature and settings, bleaching, drying, ironing and whether the item should be dry...

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