Household or Estate Evaluation


Estate Management Solutions uses the same methods used to run the wealthiest and largest Estates to break down your service environment  into smaller components, to help you better understand its needs.  We will walk through your home with you and use your input to make recommendations and provide actionable steps to create a better environment for you to enjoy.

Cost - $1500.00


  • Peter will schedule the appropriate amount of time to meeting with you to discuss all aspects of your home and visit the home itself. This time can be split into multiple visits to better accommodate your schedule.
  • You will receive a link prior to your scheduled time with a few questions to help us define the focus of our visit
  • Confidentiality and your privacy are paramount and will be protected at
    all times.


  • An assessment of the labor hours it will take to run your home.
  • Job Descriptions for up to three positions (Nanny, Housekeeper,
    Groundskeeper, Personal Assistant, Household Manager).
  • An estimated staffing cost based on the above-mentioned job descriptions
    and regional pay scales.
  • Contacts to help establish proper staffing solutions for any size home.
  • All documentation can be used with a placement agency to find the best
    staff for your needs.

Scheduling You Evaluation

  • Dallas appointments can be book will 24-48 hours notice.  
  • For out of state site visits, please use the "Contact Us" link to schedule.

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