In my years of teaching and managing homes, there is one question that is asked by almost every professional I talk too …….What database do you use/recommend?  Until now the answer was…..I have yet to find one that passes muster, I’ll let you know when I do. Well, If you were one of those who asked the questions, my answer………..

We spend the majority of our time controlling chaos, if we can find a tool that manages 60-70% of the schedulable items, it gives us that much more time to manage the un-schedulable.   That’s where the task management and calendar integration of HomeZada comes in handy!  With well over 100 one-time and recurring preprogrammed tasks plus the ability to easily create your own to which you can link photos, videos, and task sheets.  Initial set up only takes a few minutes, they guide you through the process.  Couple HomeZada with what you learned (or will learn) in the Essentials class and you’ve got yourself a solid Household Operational Management System. Oh, they’ve been around for 10 years now, so no need to worry about there being no support for an obsolete product.  Their data security is top-notch, click here to get specific answers.

This only scratches the surface of what HomeZada can do and is ultimately capable of.

Now the big question, How much?….$59 per year for a single property, $99 per year for multiple properties.  There is a free, limited access version but at $59 I would rather just test-drive the full version.  For the Household & Estate Managers Elizabeth Dodson recommends “the “Professional” packaging which is $50.00 as a one-time fee to create a property, and with an additional option, a $25.00 per property per year if you want to “Share” the property with the client so that both parties have access to their property.”

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