Permanently remove the headaches of laundry day when you hire a professional Laundress. When you add a professional Laundress to your home, your household not only enjoys clean and organized laundry, but every linen is professionally handled. In addition, you can’t replace the time savings and reassurance a laundress provides. Your laundress cares for your clothes, sheets, towels, and related items. Not only will your articles be clean, but organized to your expectations.

Laundress responsibilities often include:

  • Ability to seamlessly fit into a harmonious work environment.
  • Strong communicator, both written and verbal
  • High level of discretion, loyalty, integrity & honesty
  • Highly organized & excellent eye for detail.
  • Laundering clothing, linens, sheets, towels, etc.
  • Ironing clothing and linens
  • Folding & organizing all household laundry
  • Steaming
  • Sewing
  • Mending torn items and replacing buttons
  • Managing dry cleaning
  • Maintaining inventory of wardrobes, linens, towels, and similar items
  • Seasonal clothing organization
  • Packing and unpacking clothes for travel

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