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Peter Colt Van Ryder

Dedicated and resilient service and hospitality professional with over 15 years of experience working closely with High Net Worth (HNW) individuals at their private residences and estates. Exceptional ability to manage multiple projects, taking charge of challenging situations to delivery superior results without causing undue worry to the principals. Known for building effective procedures and policies that are documented within comprehensive household manuals to ensure the continuity of service at every property, regardless of its location or distance from the main residence. Formally trained and capable of performing traditional butler services while flexible enough to work comfortably in casual households. Extremely adaptable to different personalities, effectively communicating with everyone, from the property owners to the staff.

I envision service as being the act of giving, in which one’s own ego and preconceptions are set aside for the preferences of the Principal. -Peter

DFW & North Texas: (214) 605-7286 | Austin & San Antonio: (512) 969-8280 | Houston & Gulf Coast: (713) 258-9800

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