Originally the Butler role was primarily limited to the Food & Beverage department of the home.  Today’s Butler wear far more hats and brings a sense of elegance to the residence.  A professional Butler understands all facets of personal service, including formal and informal service, social etiquette, and luxury products and services. From managing staff and greeting guests to setting formal tables and serving meals, a professional Butler adds an incomparable peace of mind to your household. Hiring a professional Butler ensures you and your family receive the highest personal service to exceed your expectations.

Butler responsibilities can include:

  • Ability to seamlessly fit into a harmonious work environment.
  • Strong communicator, both written and verbal
  • High level of discretion, loyalty, integrity & honesty
  • Highly organized & excellent eye for detail.
  • Formal table service and service of drinks
  • Valeting, including clothing and shoe care
  • Care of the wine cellar
  • Cleaning of silver and maintenance of fine antiques and art
  • Organization of shoots and maintenance of guns
  • Coordination/execution of social functions and parties
  • Flower arranging and table decorations
  • Meeting and greeting of guests
  • Upholds etiquette and protocol within the household
  • Guards the dignity of the family and discretion of the staff

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