Estate Manager

The position of Estate Manager is more administrative in nature and is a direct connection between the Principal and the service environments they own and the staff that run them.  Estate Managers create policies and standards to create continuity of service across all service environments and ensure they are in a “visit-ready” state at all times. Hiring an Estate Manager adds hours of freedom to your schedule and confidence that your properties run well and according to your vision. Estate Managers will generally spend 70% of their time in the office and 30% of their time actively managing employees.

Estate Manager responsibilities can include:

  • Ability to seamlessly fit into a harmonious work environment.
  • Strong communicator, both written and verbal
  • High level of discretion, loyalty, integrity & honesty
  • Highly organized & excellent eye for detail.
  • Interviewing and managing all household staff
  • Facilitate between households and offices
  • Vendor management
  • Contract and invoice review
  • Overseeing maintenance and upkeep of the interior and exterior of all properties
  • Construction management
  • Supervising vehicle maintenance & documentation
  • Interior design coordination
  • Maintain operational budgets
  • Create household reference manuals for each service environment
  • Process and maintain payroll systems
  • Log and maintain inventory of all valuables, including art & antiques
  • Wine cellar management

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