Our Intake & Screening Process

At EMS we understand the importance of trust and safety when it comes to your staff members.  We make every effort to ensure that the Professional you are hiring is qualified and their integrity and character are intact.

Our screening process begins when the potential candidate fills out our basic application form that is at the bottom of the job post on our job board.

If the candidate meets your basic criteria, we invite them to fill out our Private Service Professional Intake form.  This form is approximately 30 questions long and asks the candidate to identify their Core Skillsets and gives them a choice of standard interview questions to answer.

~ Initial Candidate Screening ~

Basic Information

Here we ask the basics.  Name, address, email, phone number, and can they pass a background check among several other questions.  Before proceeding to the next section, they are required to agree to our Non-Disclosure Agreement.  This NDA outlines that the candidate may not disclose anything that we discuss with them about our clients.  However, we never disclose a client’s name until after the client or their representative has chosen to speak with them, and only disclose their address after an onsite interview has been requested and has passed an open-source background check.

Core Skills

In this section, we ask them to choose at least three (3) areas of expertise from the list below. They are then asked to rate themselves on a scale of 1-10 and are then asked to expand on that rating.

  • Administrative
  • Housekeeping & Laundry
  • Silver Service & Event Coordination
  • Kitchen & Culinary
  • Mechanical
  • Landscaping & Property Management
  • Pet & Animal Care
  • Safety & Security
  • Child Care

Soft Skills

In this section, we ask the candidates to choose at least three of the following questions to answer.

  • How do you deal with difficult Principals?
  • Tell me about one of the more challenging projects you’ve taken on.
  • Tell me a time when you saved your Principals money.
  • Tell me your leadership style.
  • What is your favorite way to create luxury? A special touch of something
  • Have you ever done something you wish you could erase?
  • What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
  • Which U.S. state would you get rid of and why?
  • What would you purchase for $100 to create value for the team?
  • What question do you wish I had asked, and how would you answer it?
  • Tell me a time you failed in a situation at work.
  • Tell me a time when you dealt with a negative employee or an employee conflict.

Employment History

In this section we ask the candidate to expand on their last four positions by letting us know why the position ended, what was their ending salary, what size was the home, and what they like most and least about the position.

~ Next Step ~

Once the candidate presses send, they are asked to schedule their Zoom Video intake.  The interview takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours as we go over their answers and learn more about them.  We make notes in addition to their answers during the interview.  Adding to and expanding on their answers.  At the bottom of the profile are our additional notes and observations outlining how we see them as a person and as a professional.

After the interview we allow the professional to review their Skills Profile and make sure that they are being accurately represented.

~ Candidate Submittal ~

Once the candidate’s Skills Profile is ready, we submit it to you along with their resume, any recommendation letters, and other supporting documents they provided.

We submit candidates to our clients as soon as they are ready to be presented.  We will present three candidates as part of our initial submittal.  Once workable feedback has been received, we will evaluate the next set of candidates.

We found One!

Once you have chosen a candidate that you would like to hire, we help negotiate the compensation package.  We help draft the Employment Agreement and/or Offer Letter, and send them to you for review, we do encourage you to have your family lawyer review it before extending it as an official offer*. Once an offer is accepted, we proceed with the background screening**.  Which we proudly say is one of the more diligent in the industry, we search everything that the FCRA allows.  We do a deep-dive background check which includes the below checks followed by a Behavior Analysis Interview conducted by someone who is trained to spot deception.

  • Social Security Trace
  • Multi-State (National) Criminal Database Search
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • County Criminal Search
  • Federal Criminal Search
  • OFAC Terrorist Watchlist
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Search
  • Global Blacklist Search
  • Open-Source Research

We also check their references and screen their social media to ensure there is nothing concerning.  Our reference check requests that they include references from their three most recent positions and at least 2 personal references.

Our Guarantee

Our contract outlines that we will replace the employee at no additional cost to you if it does not work out within the first 90 days.  We understand that three months could still be considered the honeymoon period, so if the employee quits without notice or is terminated with cause, we will replace them for 10% of the annual salary.  If you decide that you would like to reassess the position, we will redraft the job description and relaunch the search for an additional retainer fee and 15% of the new employee’s annual salary.

During these first months, we stand ready to help communicate adjustments to ensure a long-term happy employee. For the Principal, this means that if you have any concerns about the employees’ performance we can step in and provide mentorship and discreetly provide resources to improve.  We also listen to the professionals’ concerns and will address any concerns that we feel may hinder longevity with you.

We thrive on seeing happy, successful professionals.  A happy professional will always reach beyond what’s expected when they feel valued and appreciated.  If they’re happy, you’re happy.  If you are happy, my job is done.


*Estate Management Solutions and its subsidiaries will not be held accountable for the validity of offered documents in a court of law.
** In accordance and compliance with the “Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs Act of 2019” also known as “Ban the Box”
Estate Management Solutions (HNWSolutions, LLC) follows all laws in accordance and compliance with the laws set forth by the EEOC and FCRA.  Our screening is rigorous and complete for every candidate that comes through our doors, regardless of where they came from.

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