Private Chauffeur/Driver

A Private Chauffeur/Driver is responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of their principals, members of their family, and guests alike. Adding a professional Chauffeur/Driver to your staff offers a sense of confidence and hassle-free transportation for everyone you care about. They can also add a deep sense of security as many private Chauffeurs/Drivers have had careers in security or law enforcement. But whether you are looking for a high level of personal service in transportation or an added layer of protection, a private Chauffeur/Driver often offers both.

Your Chauffeur/Driver will be responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and cleanliness of the Local Fleet Vehicles.  Including upkeep of inspections and registrations and scheduled maintenance of all vehicles that are used to transport the family on a local level.

Private chauffeur/driver responsibilities vary but often include:

  • Coordinate with Principals and other staff on anything vehicle-related.
  • Communicate regularly when driving children or when maintaining a tight schedule to let everyone know the timing.
  • Highly organized & an excellent eye for detail.
  • Vehicle Inspection and Registration upkeep.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Log upkeep.
  • Assist with the research and acquisition of Household or Estate vehicles.
  • Daily checks of vehicles.  Including fluids, fuel, cleanliness, and ensuring they start prior to family use.
  • Contribute to the Household Manual by establishing primary, secondary, and escape/evacuation routes in the event of an emergency.
  • Situational awareness and security-minded regarding routes, travel times, and passengers.

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