Property Manager

A Property Manager is commonly the House Manager's equal that coordinates the operation of the exterior, mechanicals, and property & grounds.  Two of the most common ways that Principals define responsibility are either by the method mentioned above or "The HM is responsible for everything inside the building walls and the PM is responsible for everything on the outside of the building walls to the street.

~ A good Private Service Professional knows how to create luxury in any environment. ~


Property Manager Responsibilities Can Include:

      • Ability to seamlessly fit into a harmonious work environment.
      • Strong communicator, both written and verbal.
      • High level of discretion, loyalty, integrity & honesty.
      • Highly organized & an excellent eye for detail.
      • Supervising and managing the residence and property on a daily and weekly basis.
      • Exterior & Mechanical Vendor Management & Supervision - Setting appointments for house repairs and maintenance.
      • Exterior & Mechanical Vendor & Employee contract review and file/record keeping.
      • Create task sheets, checklists, preference profiles, and how-to documents to help with the efficiency of luxury service delivery.
      • Manage front-line staff of one service environment.
      • Handle simple house maintenance like changing air filters, light bulbs, diffusers, etc.
      • Being hands-on with all administrative duties, including creating Property & Grounds Operational budgets, managing schedules, and approving invoices, and tracking/reporting employee credit card use.
      • Property Inventory Management, including establishing the inventory and restocking things as needed.
      • Scheduling maintenance and repairs of property tools and equipment.
      • Ensuring the service environment, they are responsible for is maintained to the highest cleanliness and operational standards.
      • Manage advanced landscaping and grounds for attractive, functional outdoor spaces.
      • Ensure the safety and security of properties through proactive measures, incident response, and regular monitoring.
      • Petcare as needed.
      • Holiday decorations.
** While a Private Service Professional can handle most if not all of the above tasks, it is important to remember that every task takes time, and Employers should listen to their staff when they express how much time something takes to accomplish their duties. Your staff is dedicated to you, and "No" is not a part of their dictionary.  If they ask if something should take priority over another task or ask to delegate the task to maintain efficiency, they are really saying that their plate is full and additional tasks might prevent them from doing other duties.

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