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Mission Statement

At Estate Management Solutions, our mission is to drive positive change in the Private Service Industry through a combination of transparency, honesty, and unyielding dynamism.

Through our EMS Recruitment & Placement division, we strive to connect top-tier professionals with luxury homes and family offices, ensuring candidates are qualified and understand and are prepared for the task ahead of them. Our EMS Education division provides comprehensive training to candidates, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles. Our EMS Luxury Domestic Consulting division offers personalized consulting services for Principals who wish to improve the uniformity of service being delivered across their service environments.

At Estate Management Solutions, we believe that the path to a better Private Service Industry is through the education and training of those who have chosen this as their vocation. Properly trained and prepared Private Service Professionals have the tools and organizational skills to overcome any obstacle and surpass the expectations of those we serve.

We hold our Principals the the same high standards that we hold the profesisonals we place and are committed to only representing Principals who adhere to industry standards, follow all local and federal employment and IRS laws, and treat their staff like the Professionals they are.

EMS Luxury Domestic Consulting

At Estate Management Solutions, we practice what we preach and teach what we practice.

EMS Luxury Domestic Consulting is instrumental in drafting household manuals and helping implement operational systems that work for your home and your staff.  No cookie cutters here. We recognize that every home is unique, driven by the Principal’s unique personality and wants; as well as the Home’s unique features such as geography, construction, and use.  This requires an independent and unique approach to process development.  Our resource of solutions is extensive, we listen first, then recommend multiple solutions based on your needs.

Everything else we do is born of our experiences being a part of this wonderful industry.  Our own successes and failures have been harnessed to help our clients and professionals overcome their obstacles.

Positions we refer to others

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EMS Domestics

EMS Domestics is our Staffing & Recruitment division.  We recognize that the people who work in your home are an integral part of your life and play a crucial role in maintaining the high standards of living that you have become accustomed to.  Confidence in your employee’s skills and trust in their integrity is a critical start to a successful working relationship.  We utilize our 20+ years of hands-on experience in Private Service to best identify your staffing needs and find the perfect candidate for your home.  Placement services start with a site visit and property walk (preferred) or a phone conversation with the Principal or their representative to identify the home’s needs and the preferences of the position.  Once an engagement letter is signed and our retainer fee of $1500 is received, we begin drafting a Job Description for your review and approval. Candidates are submitted via email a short synopsis of our conversation with them and their Resume and EMS Skills Profile attached.

Our luxury domestic consulting division’s primary focus is on the Management & Leadership staff of the Residence and Family Office.   However, we are happy to help you with any of the below-listed professionals.  Please click on them to be taken to a full description of what each title is capable of.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff is very experienced, savvy, and resourceful in all aspects of household and staff management.

Property Managers

Managing the grounds of large estates requires special knowledge and insight. The Caretaker or Property Manager is the one who oversees the maintenance and upkeep of your property down to your taste, standards, and vision.

Family Assistants

Similar to that of a Personal Assistant, the Family Assistant handles all the household duties that the family needs help with.

Private Chauffeur/Drivers

A Private Chauffeur/Driver is responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of their principals, members of the family and guests alike.

Director of Residences

Directors of Residences, Directors of Estates, Estate Directors, and/or the Chief of Staff are similar in nature. They tend to have a more administrative role within an estate that has or is establishing a Single Family Office (SFO).

Household Managers

A Household Manager is responsible for handling the daily operations of a household and responding to the homeowner’s needs.

Private Chefs

A Private Chef often possesses a formal culinary education, has been an apprentice in fine dining establishments, and/or works exclusively for a private family or individual.


Although housekeeping duties vary between households, a Housekeeper’s primary role is to handle all the cleaning and organization in the home. They are also tasked with preparing meals, running errands and accompanying vendors to their work areas.

Estate Managers

The position of an Estate Manager is more administrative in nature. This individual is the main point of contact between the Principal and the service environments they own, as well as, the staff that run them.

Domestic Couples

Domestic Couples occupy a unique place in the constellation of private service, providing each service required to run a household and maintain a home.


Originally, Butlers were primarily limited to the Food & Beverage department of the home.  Today, Butlers wear far more hats and bring a sense of elegance to the residence.


A Houseman is a jack-of-all-trades position capable of filling service gaps inside or outside the home.


When you add a professional Laundress to your home, your household not only enjoys clean and organized laundry, but every linen and soft surface is professionally handled as well.

EMS Training & Education

EMS Education offers private service professional mentoring & educational resources that help advance their careers and balance their lives with the lives of those whom they serve.  As we say in our Mission Statement, we believe that the path to a better industry is through properly trained professionals.  However, identifying specific topics to learn as your educational path can be incredibly difficult when every home and Principal has slightly different needs.

While our current offerings are designed around the management of the home and property, including how to write a household manual,  draft policies and procedures, and how to navigate the idiosyncrasies that come with working in an environment with no HR oversight; the insights provided help Private Service Professionals identify the path they want to take. It also provides them with the insights needed to identify potential red flags and avoid working for employers that do not treat them like the professionals they are.

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