Private Service Career Consultation

1.5-hour Zoom or Google Video Consultation.

We provide a tailored roadmap to help you navigate the intricacies and peculiarities of finding a job as a Private Service Professional. You will have centralized access to a range of tools and resources that have been carefully chosen based on our extensive experience in the private service industry to help you identify your path into Private Service.

Why Do We Offer This Service?

We find joy in helping current and future Private Serice Professionals understand how to spot the red flags that ignorance and panic may cause them to miss.

Estate Management Solutions is a Luxury Domestic Consulting Company that offers a range of customizable solutions that are designed to promote the lifestyle our Principals have worked diligently to cultivate.  EMS Luxury Domestic Consulting understands that happy, well-trained, and respected professionals will always go above and beyond what’s needed and do what should be done.  They understand that Luxury is a feeling, not always a tangible asset, and know how to cultivate that feeling. 


Ours is a very special industry where someone with the right heart and integrity can forge a path, regardless of their current education level.  Before spending thousands on continuing education and resources, come and have a conversation with us and create a plan for your search or transition, and be given the tools and insights needed to discover those who are just there to play on your ignorances.

What We Will Cover

Resume Review & Recommendations.

Identification of Skills That Translate

Sourcing Private Service Positions

The Importance of LinkedIn & Networking

Identifying Needed Skills and Sourcing Education.

Key Take-Aways

Education topics and how to source them.

Preferred Placement Agencies and insights how to screen others.

Interview Questions for the candidate.

Interview Questions from the Principal to use as prep.

Special Discounts for The Keys Class & The Essentials Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a Resume with this?

No.  We do not write resumes.

We review your resume and discuss what we look for when reviewing resumes, provide suggestions on edits, and if an overhaul is recommended we provide you with two valuable resources that will write your resume for a fee.

Corporate resumes are very different from PrivPSPate Service resumes.  The resources we recommend for resume writing are intimately familiar with our industry and know what Private Service Recruiters are looking for.

**The resources we recommend are not affiliated with EMS and we do not accept referral fees from them.  We recommend them because we know they deliver a product that greatly improves your chance of landing an interview.

Do You Guarantee That I Will Get A Job?

No.  Anyone making that promise or offering a “too good to be true” placement rate is lying to you.

While we provide you with the tools needed to improve your chances of getting an interview.  From there the responsibility rests solely on your shoulders.  Good recruiters will provide you with their guidance when interviewing for a family and will advocate for you.  But this industry is about personal chemistry, something that is out of all of our hands.

Will The Information You Provide Be Applicable To All Agencies?

No…..well partially.

Every Private Service Placement Agency has its own unique methods of operating and presenting its candidates to Principals.  Each agency you speak with may ask you to change up your resume or provide it in a certain format that is consistent with their business practices.  It is up to you to heed their advice or move on to the next agency.

We will provide you with tips to help protect your previous Principals/Employers and References.  We will also help you identify the red flags that help you avoid agencies that may not have your best interest at heart.

Can't I Find This Information For Free?

Yes, you absolutely can.

However, we have everything in one location and provide you with one-on-one guidance and feedback and get you connected to TRUSTED sources that have a proven track record of providing Private Service Professionals with accurate and executive information.

We help you avoid those who are only focused on the money they can make from our largely unregulated and unstructured industry.

Are You Going To Try To Sell Me Your Products Or Services?

The direct answer is No; that’s not what this call is about.  This call is about you and your needs and helping you to identify your path.  Not forcing you into something you don’t need.  

However, there is a reason why we’ve developed the classes we have; most professionals, both new and experienced, need the skills taught in them.  The Keys Class & The Essentials Course will most likely come up in our conversation, but you will not be sold to or made to feel pressured.  Is it valuable?  Yes.  Is it for you? If not, we’ll help you find something that is.


Please use the below form to register.  Once received and confirm your purchase, we will email you a confirmation email that includes your booking link.  You should receive your confirmation within 24 hours of registration.