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Thank you for dedicating the time you took to fill out this form.  We understand that the job hunt is tedious at best and appreciate your efforts in helping us better understand who you are as a professional.

What’s Next?

Now that we have your submission, we need to schedule a time to talk and go over your answers.  Please follow the instructions below to book your appointment.  We perform intake interviews Sunday – Thursday at 3pm and 5pm.  If your schedule prevents you from choosing from those two times, or you need to check your schedule and book later, use the button below the calendar to email us.  Based on the urgency of the position, we can make time in the evening and on weekends.

We conduct these intake conversations via Zoom and/or Google Video Conferencing.  This Video interview will be recorded.  However, it is never shared outside the company and will be deleted automatically after 30 days.

This interview will focus on your skills and expand on your answers.  Any questions about the position should be directed to your recruiter or Peter.

We look forward to discovering more about you!