Private Service Professional

Skills Inventory Form

This intake form is the next step in helping identify your skills and inventory your capabilities.  You can step away from this form at any time by selecting “Save and Resume Later” at the bottom of this form; our system will email you a link to get back to the form if it’s been abandoned; this link is valid for 30 days.

Take this opportunity to step back and conduct an inventory of your hard skills.  By “Hard Skills,” we are referring to the skill itself, not the context in which it was used.

  • Not just “Housekeeping” but:
    • Knowledge of fine fabrics/garments
    • Stone/Silver/China/Metal care
    • Laundry, including mending and stain removal
  • Not just “Can Cook” but:
    • Favorite or specialty cuisine and diets.
    • Capable of cooking for XX plated or XXX buffet or family style.
    • How do you manage inventory?

What is your competency level within those skills? Can you train someone on how to perform the duties?

Once you click “Submit,” you will be redirected to the portal where you can mark the task as complete and schedule your first resume review and skills review.

Hard Skills Inventory

Select all areas in which you have experience.  And while we appreciate those who have had to care for their families, we must remember the profound psychological difference between caring for our own family and caring for someone else's.

As you select each department, a field will appear below for you to expand on your skills.