Services Overview

Fractional Estate Management

Fractional Estate Management includes what ever you need help with the most. Think of how much your time is worth to you and much is wasted on the mundane tasks of life. We offer staff management, vendor management and construction representation to name a few. We can schedule time to be at your home to meet with vendors or work remotely making travel arrangements for you.

Estate Management can be tailored to your needs and starts at $3000 per month for 40 hours of work and can grow as your needs develop. Agreements are available for three-, six-, nine- or twelve-month periods (discounts available for longer contracts). You can also choose to pay an hourly rate of $125.00 with a four-hour minimum.

Private Service Training

Estate Management Solutions has a variety of training options to offer. Offering classes on the administrative aspects of running a large home, as well as housekeeping, etiquette and helping private service professionals understand the non-tangibles and mindset it takes to be happy taking care of all your needs.

Training can take place in your home or in one of our scheduled classes with other industry professionals.

How-To Documents

Estate Management Solutions’ How-To documents help you and your staff address common tasks that may come up around the house. These documents contain pictures and clear instructions on how to handle a myriad of issues. Such tasks include but are not limited to: relighting the pilot light on the fireplaces or the furnace, shutting the water off in the event of an emergency, resetting smart home technology or anything else on which you want to have clear instructions.

These documents range in price depending on what you would like included, starting at $400.00 for utility locations and shut-off steps.

Prices do not include any additional services needed. In order to plot locations of utilities and other possible items a site plan may be needed. Prices also vary depending on size of project and availability of information.

Task Sheets & Check Lists

Estate Management Solutions’ task sheets provide your employees with direction that helps set expectations. It also allows you to understand what they are doing while establishing a clear method of communication between you and your staff. Task Sheets include a description of work to be performed, agreed time frames in which to complete the work and the tools needed.

Each task sheet is tailored to your home and can include Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal and Yearly checklists. We only create enough task sheets to address your concerns. Task sheets will be presented in a binder that will allow you to insert additional pages, and a drive containing the documents in PDF format. Task sheets can be ready in as little as 4 days; time and prices vary depending on scope of the project, availability of information and the level of your involvement.

Housekeeping - $400.00 - $700.00

Maintenance - $400.00 - $700.00

Property & Grounds - $500.00  - $800.00 

Manager - $750.00 - $1050.00

Principal Preference Profiles

We provide you with a great way to avoid having to explain your personal preferences to each new staff member. To create these profiles, we spend a minimum of two hours with each principal asking questions that span a variety of compartments; Administrative (how do you like financials reported to you, where to place phone messages, what should be done with mail), Housekeeping, Maintenance, Property, Guest Care, Culinary, Security, Travel, Entertainment, Pet Care, Entertainment.

Profiles can be created for any member of the family, including the furry ones.

Preference profiles are $1250 per person. Once final draft is accepted you have 3 revisions. Any additional edits will be address as needed.

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