Jeff Snider of JSDesigns opened with: “If I had 5 seconds to give you my best advice on personal branding–for any individual or profession really–it would be this: Stand Out.”

That can mean a lot of things, but once you unpack it, it really boils down to is standing out within your business culture and the expectations of your audience. Developing ways t make you shine among your peers, while keeping to the values and expectations that guide your profession.

For me, as a designer, that can be almost open-ended. We’re all a little strange and drifting off the reservation a bit generally adds to the intrigue and interest in who we are professionally.

For your profession, that means something a bit different. Standing out in a space that almost by definition embraces professional etiquette and organization can be more tricky.

All tips aside the key to any great brand is to be genuine. Branding shouldn’t be an exercise of reinvention. Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Elon Musk (love him or hate him)… these brands wouldn’t be great if they presented themselves as something (or someone) they’re not. Be true to yourself and your brand will be true as well.

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On “Paper”

  1. Lead with your strengths.
  2. Create a values statement.
  3. Know your audience.
  4. Craft your message.
  5. Simplilfy it for them.


  1. Sperate the personal from the professional.
  2. pay attention to your profile images.
  3. Be active in your professional social media.
  4. Complete your profile.


  1. Live the brand.

All tips aside, the real key to any great brand, personal or corporate, is being genuine. At its heart, your industry is about people. Authenticity is the buzz these days so don’t always mask who you are behind bullet points and industry jargon. Find a comfortable balance within your professional profile (your brand) that delivers those important details while still presenting you as a real person with a passion for what you do–and for the position you’re seeking.


Be true to yourself and your brand will be true to you.


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