I wanted to repost this artcle from my old blog because it always apropriate to remind non-professionals that using your Principal’s names in public is rarely acceptable.  The only reason I don’t say “never use” is that there are no absolutes in this world……oh wait…… well you get what I mean.  Using the Principal’s name in public puts you and them at risk.  The story below shows you how a simple gesture can have catastrophic results!

**A POST FROM 2014**

Recently, in my neck of the woods, there has been a highly publicized robbery that exemplifies the importance of Discretion in our industry.

A terrible thing happened to this Principal because she wanted to share her good fortune and give the curious a look into her home.  Unfortunately, even the nicest of gestures put our clients at risk and can expose our Principals to all kinds of unwelcome attention.

Even in casual conversation with those we trust, we have to remain diligent in our awareness of what we say.  Whether at a local restaurant, pub, theater or just in the line at a grocery store.   What you hear or see within the walls of the home you work in, should stay there when you leave.

Click Here to be taken to the website of the ABC affiliate in Houston that broke the story or watch the video below.

Train Yourself:  My wife and I only refer to our clients by Mr. & Mrs. followed by the first initial of their last name, even in the privacy of our home.  Creating the habit so that we don’t slip while in public.