I recently spoke with Philippa on her podcast, “Life in Private Staffing”. We discussed Estate Management Solutions, the company I founded, and our dedication to serving high-net-worth clients. Our conversation highlighted the complexities of staffing, training, and the challenges newcomers face in the private service industry.

A key insight from our discussion was the critical importance of references in hiring. Recruitment agencies prioritize candidate credibility. As such, it’s vital for professionals to obtain written references when changing jobs. These references simplify the hiring process and enhance a candidate’s appeal to potential employers. Such details can significantly influence career advancement.

We also talked about my training programs and the diverse group of students we’ve had from the US. With the world becoming more globalized, I see a future where these courses reach a worldwide audience. While there are challenges like coordinating across time zones, the value of live, interactive sessions cannot be overstated. These real-time exchanges offer rich learning experiences that I believe are superior to pre-recorded content.

In closing, my discussion with Philippa highlighted the evolving nature of the private service industry. It emphasized the role of networking, ongoing education, and the power of community. For anyone in this sector, each interaction is a potential opportunity, and every connection can pave the way for future growth.

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