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Estate Management Solutions is a Luxury Domestic Consulting Company that offers a range of customizable solutions that are designed to promote the lifestyle you have worked diligently to cultivate.  EMS Luxury Domestic Consulting specializes in providing personalized services tailored to each principal's preferences. At Estate Management Solutions, we understand that luxury living is not just about having access to the best resources and facilities, but it is also about creating an environment that is conducive to comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind.  Luxury is a feeling, not always a tangible asset.

Household Manual Development

& Mentorship Program

This program is intended to aid Private Service Professionals in the development of their household manual and provide them with a sounding board for their obstacles and frustrations in a healthy and productive manner.

Through our one-of-a-kind program, we guide your professional in the collection and organization of information and put them into actionable systems that help improve the operational efficiency of the home and property. During our meetings with your Professional, we also help them improve their understanding of some of the difficulties they will face.  Our program covers both hard and soft skills.

Private Service Professional Training

While we have a variety of training options to offer, we are best known for our Essentials of Household & Estate Management course, where we teach Private Service Professionals how to organize their service environment, create structure for their service environments and employees, and collect the information and documentation needed to develop a household manual and operational system.  We include over 120 templates and resource documents with a Trello template to keep track of their progress.

We have also created a one-of-a-kind online class that helps professionals better navigate the home by providing insight into the idiosyncracies that cause most private service professionals to stumble in their new position and can be the cause of outright failure for those new to this wonderful industry.  The Keys Class is a requirement for all candidates placed by EMS Staffing & Recruitment division.

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