Caretaker | Handyman | Groundskeeper

Managing the grounds of large estates requires special knowledge and insight. The Caretaker, Handyman and Groundskeeper is the overseer who handles all the moving parts of maintaining your property to your tastes, standards, and vision. Whether you have simple gardens and ponds to formal gardens and reflecting ponds, your Caretaker, Handyman or Groundskeeper keeps them all to your aesthetic. As a result, duties are as unique as the estates they serve. In addition, the caretaker is your representative in your absence.

~ A good Caretaker, Handyman or Groundskeeper knows how to create luxury in any environment. ~


Responsibilities Can Include:

      • Ability to seamlessly fit into a harmonious work environment.
      • Strong communicator, both written and verbal
      • High level of discretion, loyalty, integrity & honesty
      • Highly organized & excellent eye for detail.
      • Landscaping
      • Create and maintain a groundskeeping plan and schedule
      • Supervise groundskeeping staff
      • Salt & freshwater pool/pond maintenance
      • Upkeep on all outbuildings, cottages, recreational facilities, and support buildings
      • Grounds maintenance
      • Managing vendors, contractors, and grounds staff
      • Represent the owner's vision for the estate in their absence
      • Light & heavy equipment operation and management
      • Livestock care and management
      • Oversight of landscaping staff
      • Maintain greenhouse
      • Tree care/pruning
      • Automobile/equipment/vehicle maintenance
      • Overseeing outdoor dining/entertainment areas
      • Snow removal
      • Putting in new windows and doors
      • Basic masonry and stonework on walkways
      • Light roofing
** While a Private Service Professional can handle most if not all of the above tasks, it is important to remember that every task takes time, and Employers should listen to their staff when they express how much time something takes to accomplish their duties. Your staff is dedicated to you, and "No" is not a part of their dictionary.  If they ask if something should take priority over another task or ask to delegate the task to maintain efficiency, they are really saying that their plate is full and additional tasks might prevent them from doing other duties.

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