Household Manual Development & Mentorship Program


This program is intended to aid Private Service Professionals in developing their household manual and provide them with a sounding board for their obstacles and frustrations in a  healthy and productive manner that maintains confidence and privacy.  Focusing on overcoming the unique obstacles and challenges that come with being a Private Service Professional, turning them into positive opportunities for advancement and professional development.

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Our Why

At Estate Management Solutions, we recognize the importance of having a well-written household manual to create a legacy of information to ensure effective household and estate management regardless of who is present.  However, we are very familiar that many homes lack this essential documentation due to the overwhelming workload of the household or estate manager.

That’s why we offer a unique solution through our Household Manual Development and Professional Mentorship Program. Our program is designed to keep your professional on track and guide them in collecting and organizing information and developing actionable systems that improve the operational efficiency of your home and property. During our mentorship sessions, we provide support and guidance to help your professional navigate the challenges they may face. Our program covers hard and soft skills, ensuring your professional has the knowledge and tools necessary for successful household and estate management.

Let us help your professional achieve their goals of creating a comprehensive household manual and provide ongoing mentorship to ensure the success of your home, property, and those who care for and serve you.

Principal Commitments

We will dedicate uninterrupted focus time to you and your professional, ensuring all questions get answers or a resource to find the answers.  We ask that Principals commit to the following to ensure their Professional’s success.


  • Dedicate a pre-scheduled time twice per month for the PSP to be at their computer, uninterrupted, for 1.5 hours.
  • Allow that appointment to be a priority (except for blood, flood, or fire emergencies.)  Rescheduled appointments are subject to the availability of Peter’s schedule.
  • Employee access to the Family Lawyer to have legally binding documents reviewed.
  • Employee access to the Family Accountant to establish a chart of accounts and reporting policies.
  • Employee access to Architect and Builder to acquire architectural and floor plans.

What’s Included

  • Attendance in the Essentials of Household & Estate Management. 
  • Two one-on-one sessions (up to 1.5 hours each) per month with Peter on Zoom or Google Meet. This must be through a computer and ready to share screen.
  • One monthly phone or Zoom call with the Principal to discuss action items.
  • Expanded scheduling availability for urgent mentorship.
  • Access to cost-effective document transcription, floor plan editing, and image editing for your household manual.
  • Custom template creation. (Usage Rights Reserved)

Program Benefits


Through our one-of-a-kind program, we guide your professional in the collection and organization of information and put them into actionable systems that help improve the operational efficiency of the home and property.


During our meetings with your Professional, we also help them improve their understanding of some of the unique challenges they will face and how to find the opportunity within them.


Our program covers both hard and soft skills. We understand the importance of a well-rounded skill set that today’s Private Service Professional needs to succeed in our evolving and dynamic service environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for the Household Manual to be complete?

While a Household Manual is never truly complete, timing is dependent on a variety of factors.  

    • The size and complexity of the home and property and their systems.
    • The level of detail that you wish to include.
    • The timeliness of feedback from others who may review the contents or provide supporting information.
    • The amount of time you give your Professional to work on the manual.
What programs do you work with?

When setting up a property from scratch, we tend to recommend the following:

    • Google Workspace – Email, Calendar/Schedule, CloudStorage, Video Meetings, multi-Staff and multi-residence communication.
    • Trello – Task and project management.  Work orders.
    • HomeZada – If you need a substitution for scheduled maintenance and housekeeping. Also excellent for your staff to track expenses as related to a specific project, non-sensitive document storage, and inventory.

However, we are familiar with most products that are on the market, and having a strong tech background gives us the ability to learn how to harness any program to work with our methodologies.

Why not just pay to have a manual written?

We would be happy to help with that.  However, in our experience, this option tends to be a less palatable option cost-wise.  $15,000 – $30,000+ per manual and a team of people combing through your belongings, why not develop the staff you have and have a direct impact on their current and future success?

Do you offer technical support for the programs we are using for the collection of information?

The direct answer is No.  While we are familiar with most of the technologies currently on the market and are happy to help overcome functional hurdles, your professional will need to contact the software developer directly for technical support.  We are happy to connect with your professional with trusted resources to become better trained on the software you are using.

How is billing done?

Payment is due at the beginning of the period. 

What if I choose to cancel in the middle of the agreed term?

We understand how needs change, and priorities shift.  We will cancel our agreement and submit an invoice for the difference in the monthly charges.  Example:  If you cancel mid-way through month four of a six-month agreement, we will submit an invoice for $1200 ($1500-$1300*4 months).

What if my professional isn’t receptive or doesn’t improve?

We are passionate about what we do and confident in our system.  We strive to tailor our communications to the person we are working with.  However, there are a few things that are out of our control.  One of them is the chemistry between you and your professional, and the other is how receptive your professional will be to mentorship.  If we feel that our program is not having the impact you had hoped for, we will discuss it with you immediately.

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