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Through a deep dive into personality traits, motivations, and values, we tailor our approach to not only meet job requirements but to create a workplace that feels uniquely right for each person. At Estate Management Solutions, we’re not just a service – we’re your personal partner in achieving success, shaping a high-performing and dynamic workplace that reflects the essence of each individual, all powered by the insight of Hogan Assessments.

How We Can Help You

Pre-Employment Screening

For Employers & Family Offices Looking To Increase Retention Rate

~ $550 ~


Insight Series + Flash Report

Express Report (Service & Support)

One-Hour Candidate Debrief

One-Hour Client Debrief

Reports delivered via our secure portal

Leadership Development

For Professionals Looking To Develop Their Leadership Skills

~ $850 ~


Insight Series + Flash Report

Coaching Report

90-minute Debrief & Goal Setting

60-minute Follow-Up Meeting

Reports delivered via our secure portal

A-la-Carte Report Options

EQ Report

~ $110 ~

Hogan’s EQ report dives into six emotional competencies, giving you a personalized look at your emotional intelligence. It’s crafted to spotlight your emotional strengths and areas for improvement, foreseeing behavioral outcomes crucial for any organization. Whether you’re an employee or a leader, this report serves as a valuable resource for personal development.

Coaching Report

~ $200 ~

This is your personal roadmap for leadership development, blending insights from the Potential, Challenge, and Values reports into a tailored five-step planning process. By engaging in this journey, you craft a robust and personalized development plan, aimed at nurturing your professional growth.

Summary Report

~ $200 ~

This offers a personal insight into a candidate’s strengths, challenges, and values. It weaves together data from HPI, HDS, and MVPI, creating a snapshot of their interpersonal performance and values aligned with future career aspirations.

Leader BASIS Report

~ $300 ~

Discover your potential for leadership success with Hogan’s HPI, HDS, &/or MVPI Leader BASIS Report. Get insights into job suitability, derailment risks, and cultural alignment. The personalized report includes graphics and interpretive text for a comprehensive understanding of your fit for leadership. Backed by Hogan’s pre-validated benchmark, receive tailored hiring recommendations and an interview guide crafted specifically for you.

Compass Report

~ $75 ~

The Compass Report delves into the essence of employees, aligning their core values with diverse occupations and cultures, crafting a personalized narrative of the environments where they will truly thrive in both work and life.

Insight (MVPI) Report

~ $100 ~

Hogan’s personality solutions have been instrumental in uncovering and nurturing C-suite talent within organizations. The Insight Series is tailored to assess middle managers. This personalized approach offers a concise yet comprehensive insight into individual strengths, performance risks, and core values. It aims to empower emerging and midlevel managers with strategic self-awareness for their professional development.

Talent Acquisition & Leadership Coaching

Candidate Selection

We utilize Hogan Assessment to help screen your candidates and leaders.  Tapping into their millions of data points being collected since 1987 when they pioneered the use of Personality assessments to improve workplace performance when Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan challenged decades of academic tradition and criticism to become the first to demonstrate personality’s impact on organizational effectiveness.

This valuable data and our insight into Private Service will help you find the right professional to lead your team to higher luxury standards.

Leadership Selection

Hogan Assessments identifies more than just leaders; it helps us understand every candidate, professional, and executive on any level across the organization.   

Emotional intelligence is critical to success in life, beyond just your professional life.  Good Leadership starts with being aware of how we may be perceived by those around us.

EEOC Compliant

Hogan Assessments is EEOC compliant and allowed to be used in pre-hire screening.  Hogan uses empirical data that does not take discriminatory factors into consideration when providing results and feedback.

FAQs About Personality Tests

What is personality?

The socioanalytic theory of personality blends interpersonal dynamics with evolutionary psychology. It paints a picture of human nature as inherently social, with our lives shaped by the intricacies of groups, power structures, and the pursuit of meaning through things like religion or philosophy. The theory gets personal by highlighting three fundamental motives: the drive for cooperation, competition, and the search for meaning. These motives become the driving force behind our individual pursuits and shape the levels of success we achieve.

In this personalized framework, personality is broken down into three key components—identity, reputation, and social skill—each playing a pivotal role in how we navigate our social interactions. When it comes to the workplace, our success is intimately connected to our reputation, forming the bedrock for effective personality tests. Socioanalytic theory, in its personalized approach, provides a deep and insightful understanding of personality, underscoring its crucial role not only in shaping social dynamics but also in our individual journey toward success.

Does a personality change over time?

Personality changes happen slowly, unlike the day-to-day ups and downs of behavior. Think of it like weather—personality is more like regional patterns, steady over time. Coaching can nudge behavior, but it aligns with your natural tendencies and takes time to show.

Quality personality tests give consistent results on retakes, but poorly made ones can vary a lot. Even with stability, scores might fluctuate briefly. With Hogan Assessments, we’ve seen reassessment scores usually differ by just two points from the original, mostly due to methodological differences rather than real personality shifts.

How are personality tests made?

With the help of Hogan Assessments, we’re able to focus on distinguishing identity from reputation in crafting personality assessments. While identity, shaped by self-perception, is changeable and unreliable, reputation, influenced by others’ perceptions, proves more stable and predicts job performance better.

To validate assessments, individuals take tests, and we gather insights from peers and managers. This, along with job reviews and performance data, feeds into our vast database. Leveraging this extensive dataset, we accurately predict job suitability, behavior, and satisfaction.

How do personality tests predict job performance?

Hogan personality assessments focus on understanding you through the eyes of others – your reputation. Backed by decades of personality psychology research, we pinpoint essential traits like resilience and collaboration crucial for job success. Our tests are rigorously validated against job performance and peer ratings, offering insights into your likely workplace reputation.

To be precise, we compare your scores to thousands of others, predicting your behavior at work. Custom research, including job analysis, helps us create personalized personality profiles, assessing how well you align with specific job roles and organizational cultures.

Are personality tests accurate? What is validity?

In the world of personality assessments, predicting job performance accurately is key, but not all assessments can be trusted. The lack of industry regulation leads to unreliable claims.

To ensure accuracy, we focus on two vital questions: Does the assessment measure what it claims consistently? Validity and reliability are crucial, especially criterion validity for personality tests, assessing accuracy in predicting outcomes like job performance. Our Hogan assessments pride themselves on proven validity and reliability, consistently delivering accurate predictions of job performance.

Do personality tests discriminate or violate privacy?

We’re committed to making sure personality assessments are fair and valid for every job candidate. Over three decades, we’ve worked hard to open up employment opportunities, meeting top professional standards in validation research.

Global research consistently shows that using well-validated tools, personality differences based on age, gender, or ethnicity are minimal. Hogan assessments focus on predicting workplace outcomes, not clinical disorders, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and the Americans with Disabilities Act due to their solid construction and validity.

Hogan’s researchers put in the effort to create assessments that are predictive, applicable to everyone, and respectful in predicting workplace outcomes.

Can people fake personality tests?

Personality tests aren’t exams; they assess your personality, and there are no right or wrong answers. It’s about job fit—whether you align with the role.

Studies show that deliberately faking in assessments may yield different scores, but in real job applications, faking has no impact on overall scores. Interestingly, attempts to fake often lead to worse job-fit scores than authentic responses. In essence, faking isn’t a major concern for personality assessments.

How can businesses use personality tests?

In the workplace, personality tests play a big role in hiring and development. They help organizations gauge if candidates fit the job and culture, uncover performance risks, and improve interview methods.

In high-risk industries, like construction or oil and gas, safety assessments assist in choosing the right people for a safety-focused culture. For employee growth, personality tests highlight strengths and weaknesses, encouraging proactive steps for improvement and preventing career setbacks.

What are the benefits of using a personality test?

Personality tests are a game-changer for employment decisions, pinpointing the right matches for job competencies and cutting down bias in hiring.

They measure essential traits linked to job success, making hiring and performance management more effective, ultimately improving business outcomes and reducing turnover.

Beyond that, personality assessments stand out for reducing bias compared to traditional methods. By doing so, they foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

How can you assess a personality assessment?

When you’re looking at a personality test, zero in on three crucial aspects: job relatedness, reliability, and validity. Job relatedness, anchored in job analysis, confirms the test aligns with what’s vital for success. Reliability ensures consistent measurement, especially for enduring traits like extroversion. Validity, showing accuracy, should have solid scientific evidence supporting its ability to make precise predictions. Always remember, the decisions influenced by these assessments affect real lives, underscoring the weight of the evaluation process.

How can personality tests help you?

Integrating personality tests into your business strategy is a key to understanding people. These tests address various talent management needs, aiding in candidate selection, avoiding bad hires, and fostering employee and leadership development. Research underscores the positive impact of personality tests on employee performance, profits, turnover, customer satisfaction, and more. Ultimately, it’s a tool for connecting with people to propel your business forward.

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