In my recent appearance on the Private Chef Podcast with Hannes Hennche, we discussed the importance of soft skills and emotional intelligence in the private service industry. I shared my personal journey transitioning from hospitality management to becoming an innkeeper at a luxury country inn. We also explored the challenges of hiring domestic couples, the significance of open communication for candidates without experience, and the need for a strong focus on intangible skills in the industry.

We emphasized the importance of putting the principals’ needs first and avoiding ego in the workplace. Additionally, we discussed the psychological aspect of working with newly affluent families, guiding them in understanding the transformation of their home into a workplace. It is crucial to address sensitive topics like payroll and taxes and help principals comply with legal requirements.

Establishing policies, procedures, and compliance with legal requirements is vital to maintaining a balance between comfort and proper business management in the home. We also discussed the misconceptions principals may have about domestic workers’ roles and responsibilities, and the importance of transparent expectations and advocating for professionals with the right skills.

Adjusting to managing a household can be challenging for principals used to corporate environments. As private service professionals, we bring expertise and offer guidance in effective home management. By positioning ourselves as trusted advisors, we can help principals understand and appreciate our input, ensuring the smooth operation of their homes and relieving them of domestic affairs.

Overall, our discussion focused on nurturing open communication, setting boundaries, and advocating for the best interests of all involved, fostering a working environment based on trust, mutual respect, and well-being.

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