The holidays are approaching, and nowis the time to start preparing the Estate for the Holiday Season. But where should you begin? Who is going to help create the magic that ushers the holiday spirit and seasonal warmth. This is where the Private Service Professional can demonstrate their value!

A Private Service Professional, such as a Household Manager, Estate Manager, Executive Housekeeper, or Family Assistant can be a game-changer during this time. They can help with everything, from picking out the right decorations, arrange for decorators and light installers, to planning holiday events. Here are some ideas to help you and your Private Service Professional coordinate this holiday and set up a system to make future holidays easier to manage.

Start Early and Organize

Starting the preparations early is the key. Rather than leaving things to the last minute, consider creating a timeline. This way, you can plan out every task that needs to be done. If you have an Estate Manager or assistant, this will be invaluable. They can help ensure that every box is ticked and every tinsel is hung perfectly. But preparing for the holidays isn’t a one-person job. It’s also essential to delegate tasks. If you have a Household Manager or an Estate Manager, sit down with them, distribute responsibilities, and share your plans. Remember, two heads (or more!) are better than one. They can provide insights and suggestions that you might not have considered.

Why start early?  Because all of your neighbors are starting to think about the same. Starting early allows you to schedule the vendor you WANT, not the vendor that is left over.  Ordering supplies in advance allows you to course correct should something not arrive or be available.

TIP:  Photos!!!  Lots of Photos!!! Create file folders for each year and season/event on your cloud drive.  “Storage” – “Inventory” – “Set Up”  Store all the photos you take in the appropriate folders so that you can refer back to them in the future…….”What did we do for that beautiful Christmas in 2019?”  “What table setting did we use for the XYZ event?”  “How did we stack those pumpkins last year?”  All these questions can be answered without needing to ask a single question, just open the drive file and scan the photos!  The key….ORGANIZE!

Estate Inventory Check

Before bringing in new holiday decorations, it’s a good idea to check what you already have. Don’t wait until December to pull out and inventory the Christmas decorations and lights to ensure there is plenty of time to order new items or replacements. A manager will likely have an inventory list ready, if there isn’t one, this is the perfect time to create one. This will prevent headaches for the next year. Plus, it helps in reducing clutter. If you’re also considering hosting gatherings or events, an inventory list can guide you on what you have and what needs replacing. While various methods exist to manage inventories, the key takeaway is that consistency in updating and reviewing the list ensures you’re always prepared and never caught off-guard.

TIP: Store holiday decorations together.  Any decorations or supplies placed in bins, make sure the take photos of their contents and add them to your drive file.  You can then print a document with either a list of the contents, or create a QR code that takes you to the drive file.

Prepare With Deep Cleaning

There’s no better time for a deep clean than before the holidays. With guests potentially coming over, you’ll want every nook and cranny to shine. Your professioanl can coordinate with cleaning teams to ensure that every corner is spick and span. If you’re expecting guests, the guest rooms should be inviting and comfortable. When preparing for guest arrival, add small touched to the room to create the warmth and luxury that makes it a special experience for your guests. An organized assistant can make a list of everything that needs updating or replacing.

Holiday Lighting

The holidays have a special sparkle, don’t they? Much of that charm comes from lighting, from twinkling fairy lights to the gentle glow of candles. But it’s all about balance. Too many lights might be dazzling, and too few might feel lacking. As you create that perfect holiday feel, don’t forget to put safety first. A simple checklist can ensure all your lights and outlets are tip-top. No one wants to worry about faulty wiring during the season. By being cautious, you can fully relax. It’s comforting to know that your home isn’t just lovely; it’s safe, too.  

TIP: Remember to not overload a single circuit, do your best to spread the power draw of your decorations across multiple circuits unless you have a dedicated holiday circuit breaker.

Personal Touches

Personalizing your residence during the holidays can create a memorable atmosphere. Incorporating elements like family holiday cards not only adds warmth but also fosters a sense of belonging. Custom decorations or a personal touch tailored to your tastes can elevate the aesthetics of your space, and introducing a signature holiday scent can resonate with your guests, evoking fond memories. Utilizing an Household Manager streamlines this process. Their expertise ensures that every detail aligns with your vision, making each space uniquely yours. By focusing on these aspects, you can transform your home into an ideal of holiday elegance. Remember, it’s the curated details that make celebrations stand out.

The holiday season, while joyful, can sometimes be stressful when prepping your estate. With an organized plan, a dedicated assistant, or the right Private Service Professional, the process can be seamless. From inventory and deep cleaning to personal touches, there’s a lot that goes into making your estate holiday-ready. But with the right help and a dash of organization, you can ensure that your home is not only beautiful but also a haven of holiday cheer.

By following the above ideas and leaning on the support of a skilled Household and/or Estate Manager, you’ll be more than prepared to usher in the holiday season with warmth and style. 

Finally, remember this season is for joy and relaxation. Once everything is in place, take a moment to enjoy the beauty of your home. Let your Estate Manager handle any last-minute hiccups. This season is about making memories with loved ones.

TIP:  Yes the holidays are stressful on everyone, but your professional is working diligently to create an experience for you, and we get a lot of joy in doing so, and for most the smile and sigh of relief is reward enough.  But nothing beats a “Thank You” or a “WOW!  You out did yourself!”  These expressions of gratitude fuel the fire for the professional, fueling the fire to do more.  

TIP: If you are giving out holiday bonuses, try to give them out early December.  This can take a HUGE financial strain off the shoulders of your employees, giving them the bandwidth to focus on you and your home.  Bonuses are lovely and appreciated, but they are also pretty standard, showing your appreciation with an additional gift is another way to cultivate loyalty amongst your staff members.

If you or your professional want to know more about how to organize the environment, the home, and cultivate a plan for the following year, The Essentials of Household & Estate Management (https://hnwsolutions.com/education-training/essentials-household-management/) is the perfect class to the professional on how to be better organized and execute the tasks with efficiency and grace.

Get ready, and let us help you Prepare Your Estate for the Holiday Season! Learn more and visit Estate Management Solutions (HNWSolutions) today!