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Established in 2010, Estate Management Solutions (EMS) was born out of a need in the rapidly growing High Net Worth market of North Texas. Over time, EMS transformed into HNW Solutions, LLC in 2018, becoming a leading Luxury Domestic Consulting company. Today, the company specializes in providing customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of each principal.

Luxury living goes beyond material possessions—it’s about creating an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind. At Estate Management Solutions, we understand this deeply. Our priority is to curate a lifestyle that truly reflects the hard work and dedication of our esteemed clients. We offer personalized services tailored to their individual preferences, ensuring an exceptional experience.

Behind the success of EMS is Peter, whose passion has driven this project since its inception. More than just delivering services, Peter’s vision extends to making industry education more accessible and affordable. He recognizes the challenges professionals face in maintaining consistent standards and acquiring adequate education. Peter strives to bridge these gaps, contributing to the overall development of the field.

Peter Colt Van Ryder

Founder & CEO


Peter is a formally trained Private Service Professional who has spent his career cultivating an exceptional ability to manage multiple projects, taking charge of challenging situations to deliver superior results without causing undue worry to the Principals.  His early hospitality career started in 1999 as a bellman and concierge in a luxury hotel in Houston, Texas; eventually working his way up to upper management at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Houston Medical Center. Refining his skills further at the top echelons of exceptional service as an , Peter worked as an innkeeper of a 4-star country Inn and French restaurant. Through his career, he has worked and trained the staff of homes on both coasts and overseas in re

sidences ranging in size from 9,000 to 30,000+ square feet on estates ranging from 4 to 280 acres with active horse trails.

Over time, Peter has developed particular expertise in building effective procedures and policies for household manuals, to ensure the continuity of service at every property, regardless of its location or distance from the main residence.  He was chosen as a travel trainer by Charles MacPherson to teach housekeeping in luxury estates worldwide, plus formal table setting and service, and western etiquette to students in China.  In 2011 Peter wrote The Essentials of Household & Estate Management, a two-day course providing the skillset and resources to organize a service environment, write a household manual, and implement protocols in a luxury residence that protect the Residence, the Principals, and the Employees.  In 2023 Estate Management Solutions released its Keys to Success When Working in a Luxury Home to give professionals a solid foundation for establishing a solid professional relationship in an environment that is as dynamic as the personalities we serve.

If you ask Peter what’s most important to him, it’s seeing service as a supreme act of giving, in which one’s own preconceptions are set aside for the preferences of the principal.

Peter’s extensive experience in private service gives him the insight and confidence to diligently represent the candidate and the client.

Peter currently resides in Dallas Texas and specializes in cultivating systems that improve efficiency, functionality, and communication in luxury residences.  Driven by the desire to have a positive impact on the industry and create a better path into and through our insolating and largely undefined industry.

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