About The Owner

Peter Colt Van Ryder

Established in 2010, Estate Management Solutions (EMS) was developed to fill a void in the fast-growing High Net Worth market of North Texas.  In 2018, EMS rebranded and transitioned into a Limited Liability Corporation, under the name HNW Solutions, LLC.

EMS has been Peter’s passion project since 2010.  He aspires to bring affordable and accessible education to an industry that struggles for continuity in standards and education.

Peter Colt Van Ryder

Peter Colt Van Ryder


Peter is a formally trained domestic service professional who has spent his career in private service, with a focus on helping others live a good life. His first hands-on positions included working as a bellman and concierge in a luxury hotel in Houston, Texas; eventually working his way up to upper management in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Refining his skills further at the top echelons of exceptional service, Peter worked as an innkeeper at a 4-star country Inn and French restaurant. Before joining Precise Home Management, he also worked in homes on both coasts and overseas from 9,000 to 30,000 square feet in estates ranging from 4 to 280 acres with active horse trails.

Over time, Peter has developed a particular expertise in building effective procedures and policies for household manuals, to ensure the continuity of service at every property, regardless of its location or distance from the main residence. He is a former instructor in the Charles MacPherson’s housekeeping course, and the creator of “The Essentials of Household & Estate Management”, which is a two-day course on managing estates and writing household manuals. To this day, Peter is dedicated to ceaselessly honing his skills through continuous education and strives to help others succeed in the field by sharing his wisdom through his EMS classes.

If you ask Peter what’s most important to him, it’s seeing service as a supreme act of giving, in which one’s own preconceptions are set aside for the preferences of the principal.

Peter’s first-hand knowledge of the private service industry makes him a reliable and trustworthy source for candidates and clients alike. He has an exceptional ability to manage multiple projects with just the right touch and is able to take charge of challenging situations while delivering superior results, without causing undue worry to clients. 

Peter currently resides in Dallas and specializes in making placements in both his home, the great State of Texas, and far beyond.

DFW & North Texas: (214) 605-7286 | Austin & San Antonio: (512) 969-8280 | Houston & Gulf Coast: (713) 258-9800

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