For our North Texas-based clients, Estate Management Solutions offers a wide range of protection for your home.  Our preventative maintenance plans will limit the impact mechanical problems have on your home and its value.  From simple walk-throughs inspecting for obvious signs of damage to more extensive inspections of the mechanics and structure of your home or estate, we have customizable solutions for any size home.  While we can’t promise that nothing will ever happen, we give you peace of mind knowing that small issues don’t turn into catastrophic failures or damage.


EMS is NOT a property management company as defined by Texas state law.  We do not collect rent, deposits, or any other funds related to long or short-term rentals.  However we do make sure they are in working order!

* Base rates include what is listed.  Prices increase as other services are added.

** Interior inspections are also available.  Key access will need to be provided.

*** Base rate is $125/hour with a one-hour minimum.  Discounts are provided based on the contract term and the level of service requested by the homeowner.  We provide you options, but never up-sell!

**** Placement services are NOT included with these packages.  For more information on Staff Placement please Click Here.

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